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We can help with your real estate purchase in Cabo San Lucas, from start to finish we will guide you through the process and helping make the process of purchasing a home here as  smooth as possible. Property in Mexico can be owned by United States and Canadian citizens. And it is owned forever, not being a lease of any type. Own in Cabo Real Estate is your best option to buy your new house in Cabo.

Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas is a great investment, and there is not a better time to buy than now. There are many options to choose from including Beach Front Homes for sale in Cabo, as well as Marina, Downtown, and the inner city. San Jose del Cabo is a bit quieter and is known for an abundance of art galleries and has many different areas to choose from including golf and beach front communities.

Investing in Cabo San Lucas Real Estate is a great financial decision if done properly. But it can be far more than a financial investment, as the peace and joy to your emotional well being that come from spending time in Cabo is an added bonus of any purchase.

Cabo San Lucas is located on the Southern most tip of the Baja California Peninsula, It is the most well-known city in Los Cabos and has been a top beach destination for over 50 years, The area is known for its warm, calm Sea of Cortez waters, Amazing Fine Dining, jumping nightlife and the high-end real estate market surrounding the area. If you are ready to call Cabo home now, or maybe you have just started investigating the purchase of a home in Cabo. If you are looking and you see Real Estate designated as being located on the Corridor that is the are between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. For example the Cabo Corridor is an extension of Cabo and only minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas, Where the San Jose Corridor is a much larger area and begins in San Jose extending about 75% of the way to Cabo San Lucas. Are you wondering what it is like Living in Cabo? We can answer all your questions.

In a recent Conde Nast readers ballot, Los Cabos captured 7 of the top 10 spots! Whether you’re on the lookout for a main or secondary residence or hoping to spend money on a rental property, there is an abundance of options. Let Own In Cabo Real Estate and their skilled Licensed group of qualified professional agents guide you on your path to ownership. Find your dream residence in Cabo and alter your lifestyle for the better with Own In Cabo. We’re one the most ethical and most trusted real estate companies in Cabo San Lucas and we’re right here to ensure every facet of your Cabo home purchase goes smoothly and professionally.

Los Cabos has a fascinating history and a unique authentic local culture all its own. Most people know Cabo San Lucas started out as a sleepy quiet fishing town that was soon recognized as a location that would be in high demand if specifically developed as an area conducive to vacationing. The availability of flights and close proximity to so many major metropolitan areas ensured the success of Cabo as a Top tourist destination. The entire atmosphere of the town is charming, With not only mainland cultures but many other Hispanic cultures influencing the Baja Culture it remains a uniquely influenced area to partake in a culture all its own. You can visit many different authentic restaurants, Browse Original Art, take salsa dancing lessons, and even find handmade goods and crafts at the market.

Why do people buy in Cabo?

Why you may ask do people choose Cabo? I could try to hit all the points that make Cabo San Lucas Real Estate such an amazing investment, but it is so much more than that. The area combines so many great lifestyle choices in a single area. Whether you want to sit on a beach, take a swim in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, Hike or Bike the mountain trails, go out to dinner and never have to hit the same restaurant in over a years time, or just enjoy the view from the deck of your new villa in Cabo, the community and culture surrounding you will make you ask yourself why did i not do this sooner? Whether your dream is waterfront property or a home in the mountains with a view it is all available in Los Cabos. With the Ocean, Desert and everything in between you should consider moving to Cabo. Do it for you and do it sooner than later.


Cabo is like most anywhere in the World, prices vary depending on where you are in the Region. People see the price of Real Estate here as affordable on general, the price of buying and owning real estate here is what draws many people here to live and purchase. Though it definitely can be more expensive than other areas along the Baja California coast or Mexico in general, Cabo is still very reasonably priced. Average housing expenses can vary but are ultimately lower than living in the U.S. or Canada. Property taxes are ridiculously low, the amenities and service you get for your dollar is amazing and the overall cost of living can be extremely affordable if done right. 

Cabo San Lucas can be far cheaper to live in than most big cities or resort towns in other areas, so in Cabo you can afford a better lifestyle on a lower budget.


Some Cabo Real Estate developments to look at:


Cascadas de Pedregal

Hacienda Beach Club and Residences

One Medano

Paraiso Residences



Puerta Cabos Village

Villa La Estancia

Home Page


Are you thinking about investing in Cabo San Lucas Real Estate? Then here is your best source for information and representation in the purchase of your dream home in Cabo, San Jose Del Cabo, The Corridor, and surrounding area.

The Cabo San Lucas Real Estate market has never more primed for growth than it is today. With flights from more countries being added each month Baja California is Mexico’s top destination. Cabo San Lucas is the epitome of Luxury, Whether you are looking for beachfront real estate in the Cabo Corridor or you are looking for condos under 500k for sale in Cabo San Lucas, we can help you realize your dream of owning in Cabo San Lucas.

Tired of looking through real estate ads searching for Cabo San Lucas homes for sale, We can help you narrow your Cabo real estate search down and set up alerts straight to your email whenever a new property meets your requirements. It is all about the diversity of real estate Cabo has to offer. There is not a better spot to own than in Baja California.

The Easy path for your Cabo San Lucas Home Search…

Imagine you could ask Alexa to find real estate listings in Cabo San Lucas, of property type “luxury homes”. Asking for a home with 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2 plus bathrooms, and in a luxury gated golf community. And you want it located on the corridor and built within the last 10 years with a lot size of at least a half-acre. Furthermore, you might ask “Is this a good Cabo real estate deal?”

Listings like these are unicorn listings, but with our extensive knowledge of the local Cabo San Lucas MLS system. We can do what Alexa can’t. And furthermore, we can give you reasons why one area might be a better fit for you than another. We might say Casa Hacienda is listed at $250,000.00 and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a nice lot, and is a good real estate deal at $250,000.00. But maybe this property doesn’t have views of the Pacific Ocean and City like you were hoping for.

The search for Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas should not be difficult. We have all types of MLS listings from Cabo San Lucas Condos for sale to a local casa located near the marina in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Los Cabos is the best location to invest in properties for your future financial and emotional well being. We call Cabo home and hope you will soon too

Full-service real estate team with a focus on lifestyle and investment!

It is truly a rewarding experience watching a spectacular sunset from a condo or home that you can call your own home. At Own in Cabo Realty, we can help you in realizing your dreams, just like this one.

Are you looking for a little more information about Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos Area? Here are a few details about the region that we can share, have other questions? Just ask.

·       Population: Approximately 98,000 with Las Census info of 81,111 in 2015

·       Average temperatures: Year-round average of about 25 Celsius or 78 Fahrenheit, with highs of 96 F and lows of 62 F.

·       Time zone: Mountain Time

·       Weather: Desert Climate with the Rainy season being from July through September, sometimes extends into June and October.

·       Geography: Where the Ocean  meets the desert with a mixture of mountain zones integrated into the landscape.

·       Demographics: United States, Canada and Mexican citizens for the majority of the population.

·       Airports: The main airport for the area is Located in San Jose Del Cabo, the Los Cabos International Airport but there is also a private airport located in Cabo San Lucas for Private Planes.real estate